Saint Matthews

 Saint Matthew’s Village is located along the George Price highway at mile thirty-eight .(38 miles) from Belize City and nine (9) miles from the capital, Belmopan. The village stretches two and a half miles (2-1/2) along the highway.  It has a population of one thousand one hundred and fifty- five (1155) persons. The ethnic groups residing in the village are Mestizo, Creole, Maya, Garifuna, East Indian, Asian, Caucasian, live in harmony.  Potable water, electricity, cell phone, Churches, school, grocery shops, restaurants, and public recreational spaces are all available in the village.  The major economic activity of villagers includes subsistence farming, business, public service, construction works and landscaping activities.  Many persons work out of the village and return in the evening.


The primary school building is the main noticeable landmark of the village as one drives along the highway.

The people of St. Matthew’s village are friendly and helpful.  Visit us and eat some hot panades.


St. Matthews Government School Mile 38 Western Hwy, Dixie Street
 GJ’s Restaurant Mile 37 1/2 Western Hwy.
 King’s Children’s Home