Blackman Eddy

The beautiful village of Blackman Eddy is second smallest village in the Cayo South Constituency. It is home to 537 villagers and is located at that section of the George Price highway at mile 57 with the most curves per mile.  These curves highlight the area’s beautiful hills.

  • Blackman Eddy is known for its rich, deep soils.  That is the reason why the Creole and the Mestizo population of this village had devoted their time to farming as a livelihood.  A few villagers offer their services as construction workers.  The life here is good and relaxing.  Many of the young inhabitants spend their leisure time playing softball, in addition, to football. The entire village supports sporting activities at their beautiful beautiful sports field. Members of the community voluntarily maintain the sports field to a good standard.  We have the best sports field in the entire Cayo South.

    The community enjoys the availability of safe potable water, electricity, primary school, churches, cell phone, beautiful swimming spots at the river and sports field.

    Come play softball with us.

    St. Martin de Porres R.C. School Western Highway
    August Lodge Western Highway