Saint Margaret

If one would replace the snow and ice in the valleys of the Alps with dense tropical forests, the picturesque view would represent St. Margaret village in the Cayo South Constituency.  This village is indeed beautiful.  It offers much to villagers and visitors alike; rich soil, beautiful hills and valleys, amicable people, and dense green tropical forest and wildlife, with beautiful farms amongst undulating green hills. There are many  undiscovered attractions in the hinterlands of the village.  St. Margaret village has very good potential for the development of tourism.

This village is located between miles 31 and 37 on the Hummingbird highway in the Cayo South constituency, and is home to one thousand, three hundred and twenty – three (1323) residents consisting of Mestizos, creoles, and other ethnic groups.  The last national census shows that eighty percent ( 80 ) of the population is less than twenty years of age.  A small percentage of the population attends high school.    In direct relation with the economic activities of agriculture, the village population fluctuates seasonally with immigrant workers.





St. Margaret village enjoys the  availability of electricity, water, and mobile phone.  Public transportation is available at regular intervals all along the scenic Hummingbird highway.

The vibrant citrus industry sustains the economy of the village.  There are many hundred acres of citrus farms in the area which provide employment to villagers  of various skills.  Also, in direct relation to citrus, is the white lime production.  This burnt limestone is used to lower the ph of the soil for citrus production. The village also produces a fair amount of pineapples, pepper, and vegetables.

During the time of the construction of the Hummingbird highway, a campsite and construction materials depot was established at the site which is now St. Margaret village.  The construction camping area was called “Over The Top” as a milestone of having reached a high and steep hill in the path of the proposed highway. This site is also located at the half-way point of the length of the road to Dangriga. 

To this day the name ”Over The Top “ is still used.  As the road developed, people mainly those who worked on the highway construction project, started doing sustenance farming in the area and a small community formed.  They named their community St Margaret in reference to their location near the St. Margaret Creek which provided them with refreshing clean water.  Eventually, the citrus industry started and needed lots of farm workers.  Immigrants were encouraged to settle in the area to provide necessary labor force.  Many immigrants liked the location and decided to start homes in the area.  As a result, some of the immigrants started to refer to the village as Santa Marta. The official name of the village is St. Margaret Village.


St. Margaret Mary R.C. School Mile 32, Hummingbird Hwy