Actun Tunichil Muknal Natural Monument

 Actun Tunichil Muknal  means “Cave of the Crystal Sepulcher” and is a Natural Monument with 457 Acres and is Managed by the Forest Department and Co-Mananged by the Belize Audubon society, located near Teakettle village . This wonderful cave was featured in the 1993 National Geographic Explorer film Journey Through the Under world .

This cave is one of the most adventurous caves that you can visit in Belize, You will hike for 45 minutes approximately, and will cross three shallow river crossings. Be prepare to get wet, when exploring this cave wear water resistant shoes and a pair of socks that you will probably have to dispose at the end of the exploration. a stream flows out of the beautiful cave entrance, to be able to access the cave you will need to swim. after that you will have to crawl, scramble, walk sometimes with water up to your waist. Inside you will encounter several ceremonial and sacrifices chambers, in one of them you will observe the famous Crystal Maiden.Only licensed guides can take visitors into this cave. Most hotels  and tour agencies in the Cayo District can arrange these tours.